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The 3F Swabhimaan Foundation has been diligently working towards the betterment of society through numerous projects and programs.

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3F Swabhimaan Foundation

Empowering Dreams. Changing Lives

Introducing Ravalli, a determined young woman from Racherla village near 3F Industries Limited. Despite challenges, Ravalli's spirit stayed strong. With her parents working as agricultural laborers and her husband in Hyderabad, she aimed to improve their financial situation.

Thanks to the Rameshwar Balakrishna Goenka (RBG) Trust, Ravalli found an opportunity for self-improvement through training in Tadepalligudem. With determination, she completed a beauty therapy course.

Starting small at Sri Divya Beauty Parlour, Ravalli earned 4000/- monthly. With family support, she opened her own parlour, investing 20,000/-. Though slow at first, Ravalli promoted her parlour through social media, building a loyal customer base.

Today, Ravalli's Beauty Parlour is a symbol of empowerment. Earning 12,000/- monthly, Ravalli is a beacon of hope, supported by RBG Trust, Elite Educational Training Institute, and 3F Industries Limited.

Empowering Communities For A Brighter Future

At 3F Industries Limited, we believe in making a meaningful impact in the communities where we operate. One of our recent endeavors focused on the development of Kollamitta and Pantapalem villages, particularly in enhancing the facilities and infrastructure of Anganwadi Centers.

Our primary objective was to cater to the immediate needs of children and improve the infrastructure of Anganwadi centers in Kollamitta and Pantapalem. By providing essential materials and equipment, we aimed to contribute to the overall well-being and future prospects of the children and lactating mothers in these communities.

The distribution program took place on 06.02.2024, at various Anganwadi Centers in Kollamitta and Pantapalem. The event was graced by Mr. G Phalguna Rao, our DGM of HR, Admin & CSR, along with other esteemed guests including local authorities and community leaders.

Materials Distributed:

  • Chairs
  • Weighing Machines
  • Height Scales
  • Blackboard
  • PVC Doors

During the event, Mr. Phalguna Rao highlighted the CSR activities initiated by 3F Industries Limited for the sustainable development of Pantapalem Village, particularly in the domain of education. He emphasized our commitment to addressing social issues and improving community well-being through various engagements, including donating desktops to school children and constructing compound walls for religious institutions.

We received heartfelt appreciation from local authorities, including the Village President and MPTC President, for our efforts in enhancing childhood education, nutrition, and healthcare in the Anganwadi Centers. Expressions of gratitude were extended to 3F Industries Limited for our contribution towards building a brighter future for the children of Kollamitta and Pantapalem.

As we reflect on our journey in Kollamitta and Pantapalem, we are reminded of the transformative power of collective action and community engagement. At 3F Industries Limited, we remain steadfast in our commitment to empowering communities, enriching lives, and building a brighter future for all.

A Brief Report on Wheel Chair Distribution

We have identified beneficiaries with the support of Local villagers for distributing wheelchairs programme on (14-09-2023). Disability is not a barrier to achieving the goals but only an obstacle for moving fast without aid. There are several instances who achieved milestones with zenith position by crossing their disability. We do support them in always encourage them to participate in all zones. Sometimes is difficult for them to move from one place to another place to go to the washroom and around the house premises to take the pleasant air breathing of the disabled persons.


  • To Make Access of the Wheelchair by the disabled people
  • To Move fast from one place to another place
  • To Avoid Inferiority about their disability
  • To participate more actively in their works.

Report on Tailoring & Maggam Work Training

3F Swabhimaan Foundation which was promoted by 3F Industries Limited works in Tadepalligudem and surrounding areas to promote community developmental activities. While so, it was noticed that those women housewives and self-entrepreneurs conducted the meetings in the villages and identified the beneficiaries as those who are really interested in Tailoring and maggam works training.

In Tailoring and Maggam Work training sewing machine stitching dress material, children's frocks, Blouses, and maggam works. We have organized a programme from 1st June to 31 July 2023. Both theory and practical sessions will be taught. Apart from the above Training sessions counselling classes are in the presence of trainers and also sharing personal issues in the training programme by the women. You’re supporting Women by Providing Tailoring training, which teaches more than 70 women sewing and embroidery skills so we can provide the sewing machine those needy poor women.

Donation of CCTV Cameras to the Police Department

On January 4, 2021, the 3F Swabhimaan Foundation, as part of its community development activities in and around Tadepalligudem, generously donated CCTV cameras to the local police department. Responding to the rising number of accidents and the challenges faced in apprehending criminals, the police department sought assistance in installing cameras at prominent junctions. The foundation took the initiative, arranging and installing the cameras, thereby granting the police control over surveillance. The primary objectives of this program were to enhance public awareness and vigilance, facilitate the identification of criminals through CCTV footage, and expedite case resolutions through the utilisation of a robust surveillance system. The official inauguration of the CCTV cameras was graced by the Superintendent of Police (S.P.) of West Godavari district, alongside the Directors of the 3F Swabhimaan Foundation. This significant event garnered coverage in leading newspapers, highlighting the impactful endeavours of the foundation in its association with CSIR activities.

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3F Swabhimaan Foundation

Report on Road Safety Project

As part of their commitment to community welfare, the 3F Swabhimaan Foundation organised a significant event at the 3F Swabhimaan home in Racharla on August 14, 2019. Recognising the high frequency of accidents at the Sakshi junction, a crucial intersection in the Pentapadu Mandal, the foundation took proactive measures to enhance road safety. They donated 20 road safety barricades, known as road stoppers, to the Pentapadu police department. These barricades were strategically placed at different locations to minimize the occurrence of road accidents. The event saw the attendance of local DSP, Mr. Rajeswar Reddy, who expressed his gratitude for the support extended by the management of 3F Swabhimaan Foundation. This noteworthy initiative received media coverage, highlighting the foundation's dedication to creating awareness about road safety and actively working towards reducing accidents.

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Dustbins Distribution

On March 2, 2019, the 3F Swabhimaan Foundation organised a significant event at the 3F Swabhimaan home in Racharla, wherein they distributed dustbins to the 1200 families residing in Prattipadu village. This initiative was undertaken as part of the Swach Bharat scheme, with the aim of promoting environmental protection and cleanliness. Each family received two dustbins—one for wet waste and another for dry waste. The collected waste would be subsequently disposed of at the dump yard by the sanitary workers. The foundation also conducted awareness sessions to educate the community about the importance of segregating wet and dry waste appropriately. The event brought joy to the families, as their awareness of environmental preservation heightened, and children were delighted to dispose of waste in the designated bins. The foundation's efforts were met with gratitude, as the Panchayat members and People representatives expressed their happiness and ensured the continued proper use of the dustbins. This event served as a testament to the 3F Swabhimaan Foundation's dedication to environmental sustainability and their impactful contributions to the community, as part of their CSIR activities.

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3F Swabhimaan Foundation
3F Swabhimaan Foundation

Brightening the streets

     •   Tadepalligudem Municipality took up a huge program to light the streets with LED bulbs in order to conserve energy. 2000 LED bulbs were used to illuminate 36 wards. The municipality reached out to the corporates to join hands in this initiative.

     •   3F industries Ltd. came forward to light up 16th ward i.e. Juvvalapalem and handed over 180 LED bulbs to Municipal Chairman, Mr. Bolisetty Srinivas in the presence of the Municipal Commissioner and Media on 26th May 2016.

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Donation of submersible pump to sub jail in Tadepalligudem

The foundation set up a submersible pump on a war footing to help solve water problems faced by the jail in Tadepalligudem.

3F Industries responded to the acute water problem faced by 55 inmates in Tadepalligudem sub jail. Shri OP Goenka generously donated a submersible pump on June 11, 2015, and also planted saplings as part of the Swachh Bharat initiative. These initiatives address the water problem, improve hygiene, and enhance the greenery within the jail premises.

Event was inaugurated by Shri OP Goenka and attended by Mr. Devo Prasad, Manager - Factory, Mr. Srinivas, Manager - CSR, 3F Industries Ltd., PVV Satyanarayana, District officer - Jails and S. Kamalakar - Superintendent, Sub jail – Tadepalligudem.

3F Swabhimaan Foundation

Plantation Programme

We have planted 2500 plants in the surrounding villages, with 60 volunteers participating in the event from nearby villages and 45 employees of 3F.

Also, we have planted 2000 saplings in and around our Krishnapatnam factory.

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Safe Drinking water

We have been working towards creating awareness on water borne diseases and inculcate healthy habits amongst children. An RO water plant has been established at Racherla in Pentapadu Mandal, at an investment of Rs 3L. Now, nearly 2000 people have access to safe drinking water.

We have donated a solar water pump to facilitate the availability of clean drinking water to the surrounding villages.

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3F Swabhimaan Foundation
3F Swabhimaan Foundation

Over Bridge Built

The foundation has built an over bridge and installed 12 street lights to solve the traffic congestion at Tadepalligudem. Making the streets a lot more safer for the residents and the regular commuters here.

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Distribution of Blankets, dress material for orphan & poor children

Clothes, blankets and dress materials were donated to the poor and needy to keep them warm and protected. A total of 75 children, belonging to the neighboring districts of Racherala, Prathipadu and Juvvalapale benefited with this program.

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3F Swabhimaan Foundation
3F Swabhimaan Foundation

Poor Feeding Program

This initiative aims to support the well-being of the underprivileged by providing them with healthy and nutritious food.

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We are committed to enhancing livelihoods and empowering individuals in the areas surrounding our manufacturing facilities.

Our latest project, "Tailoring & Maggam Works Skills," was inaugurated by esteemed guests Shri OP Goenka ji, Mr. Krishna Reddy (District Skill Development Officer), and Mr. Praveen (Employment Officer).

Through this initiative, we provide women with valuable skills in tailoring and maggam works, enabling them to earn supplementary income and build self-confidence.

Join us in our mission to uplift communities, create sustainable livelihoods, and make a positive impact on lives. Explore our programs and take the first step towards a brighter future.

A Brief Note on the Inauguration of Bus Shelters

The 3F Swabhimaan Foundation, known for its dedication to community development, addressed the pressing need for bus shelters in Prattipadu village and Durgamma temple junction. Recognising the inconvenience faced by passengers during the rainy season and hot summers, the foundation took the initiative to arrange and donate two bus shelters. These shelters were handed over to the village panchayat, who have undertaken the responsibility of their maintenance. The inauguration ceremony was graced by the honourable MLA of Tadepalligudem, Mr K. Satyanarayana, as well as the directors of 3F Swabhimaan Foundation, namely Shri OP Goenka, Shri Sushil Goenka, and Smt. Seema Goenka. The event garnered coverage in local newspapers, showcasing the foundation's commitment to community welfare. The objective of the program was to provide shelter for passengers, protecting them from rain and the scorching heat of summer. The initiative was met with enthusiasm from the people, who expressed their gratitude for the bus shelters, while the village panchayat passed a resolution in support of this noble endeavour. This contribution by the 3F Swabhimaan Foundation exemplifies their ongoing commitment to positively impacting the lives of the community, showcasing their dedication to enhancing public welfare.

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