"We recognize skill development as an important area of focus for individual’s socio-economic development. Through our vocational training program, we are bridging the critical gap to provide sustainable livelihood opportunities for all to grow and prosper."

Shiv Bhagwan Goenka, Managing Director, 3F Industries Ltd.

"We believe that all lives have equal value, and by helping the weaker section, we can reduce inequality. We are committed to enhance the quality of life of young and old from the vulnerable communities by empowering them and teaching them life-skills."

Om Prakash Goenka, Technical Director, 3F Industries Ltd.

"The core purpose of this selfless initiative is to help the local community. We bring orphans and old aged under one roof, so that both can benefit from each other’s presence and find the love of being a family."

Seema Goenka, Director, 3F Industries Ltd.

"This is the first step to make the people around us feel cared by providing them better healthcare and education"

D Srinivas, Manager, 3F Swabhimaan Foundation