A homeless child was motivated to join a school. He worked hard and secured3F Swabhimaan Foundation 1st rank in the class with the intervention of 3F Swaabhimaan Foundation under its CSR project.


Master Yesubabu had lost his parents and was living with his grandmother aged 70 years at Adavikolanu village of Ganapavaram mandal, West godavari district, Andhra pradesh India. Being and old lady with little means, she was unable to keep the child away from petty vices.

Intervention of 3F Swabhimaan Foundation:

3F Group has formed "3F Swabhimaan Foundation" with a vision of a more inclusive society that gives dignity to the individual. In order to achieve sustainable transformation, it supports and creates opportunities that nurtures individual and enables them to realize their potential so that young can live a fulfilling life.

3F Swabhimaan Foundation adopts young orphaned children and provides them a nuturing environment along with academic guidance that ensures holistic development so that they turn out to be a well-rounded individuals. 3F Swabhimaan Foundation believes that education goes a long way in building the future of young lives. The main objective of the foundation is to skill the children so that they can earn their living as an adult and lead a fullfilling life.

Strategies adopted

     •   Conducted meetings with Anganwadi workers
     •   Regular interaction with school teachers
     •   Counselled grand mother about the child
     •   Frequent meeting with the village elders

Challenges faced

     •    Resistance of the maternal uncle to let the child be admitted in the home
     •    Reluctance of the child to move into the home

Current situation

The child was counseled for two days and was admitted to St. Mary's English medium school in 2nd standard. At the time of admission, he unable to read telugu script even though he was studying 3rd standard in a local school. Due to motherly care at the foundation home and intensive in-house guidance, he was able to grasp all the subjects and and in a matter of 7-8 months, he secured 1st place in his class. Today, he is able to explain the subjects to other children.

Lessons Learnt

     •    Involving various stakeholders in the community can certainly meet the objective.


Now the child is in a positive frame of mind and understands the importance of education.


3F Swabhimaan Foundation